A transitional recovery residence

empowering women to thrive

We provide a safe, substance-free certified recovery residence to help women begin their long-term recovery journey with confidence.

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The Steps

Start your path to long-term recovery

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Taking Back Control

You’ll start to regain ownership of your story beginning with outpatient treatment, counseling, sponsorship, goal-setting, and more.

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Grow & Share

Become a beacon of hope for new residents as a leader and mentor at the house while exploring job readiness and financial literacy.

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Achieve Your Goals

Where your new story truly begins—step into long-term recovery with, permanent housing, employment, and the rebuilding of meaningful relationships.

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Our mission & Vision

Hope & Determination
for a Bright Future


We’re on a mission to provide women leaving detox and treatment centers with a safe, supportive, and substance-free housing community while enrolled in an outpatient program on their journey to recover and return to society.


Our ultimate vision is creating a network of safe spaces across the country so no woman in recovery has to return to the environment that contributed to her substance use disorder.

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Recovery takes a lifetime

make an impact that lasts

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About In The Meantime

A bus pass, a phone call, & a floor mat

Those three things seemed small at the time, but they were the only thing standing between Tiffany Knight and a return to the same environment that led to her cycle of substance use. Read our founder’s story of why she’s dedicated her life to helping women start their own recovery journey.

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Make an ongoing or one-time contribution to helping women in recovery take back control of their story.

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Donate your time and talents to make a direct impact on the residents in our house with counseling, career coaching, and more.

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If you think you’re ready to begin recovery, we want to help. Learn more about becoming a resident today.

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