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How we support your recovery journey

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Gain Support + Reclaim
Your Life’s Narrative

Our team and your fellow residents will provide support as you start your recovery journey. You’ll get a sponsor and establish a relationship with a peer support group.

  • Continue outpatient programs and begin 12-step program meetings
  • Obtain a sponsor and settle into your peer support group
  • Set practical goals
  • Take care of life’s necessities, like obtaining IDs or healthcare
  • Begin exploring employment or volunteer opportunities
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Become the Support System

In The Meantime is a community, not an institution. Part of your growth is sharing your struggles to validate your peers’ struggles.

  • Grow the confidence to be honest, open,
    and vulnerable
  • Find opportunities to help fellow residents in their recovery, as others help you
  • Hone your interpersonal and relationship skills
  • Learn to become a leader in the residence
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Explore Independence
While in Recovery

We believe that if you can become a leader at the residence, you can lead a successful life after leaving In The Meantime.

  • Become a mentor and role model for fellow residents
  • Establish a consistent track record of communication with your sponsor
  • Achieve and celebrate measurable success in your goals
  • Obtain employment and permanent housing
  • Restore relationships that were affected by substance use disorder
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Recovery takes a lifetime

Make an impact that lasts

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