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Why We Empower Recovery

After leaving a detox or treatment center, many women return to the same environment that contributed to their substance use disorder. This is the most vulnerable time for relapse.

In the Meantime, we provide a safe, substance-free certified recovery residence to help women begin their long-term recovery journey with confidence.

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Our Values

the beliefs that help us thrive together

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Success Together

All women on a successful recovery journey have a story about the community that supported them along the way. We believe that a supportive, empowering community is as much a necessity as a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in, because no one recovers alone.

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Acceptance & Inclusivity

Substance use disorder transcends race, socioeconomic status, and age, but always leads to the same place of self-pity, guilt, shame, and remorse. To believe that anyone can overcome it, we must first accept that anyone can fall victim to it. We welcome all ages 25+, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

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Long-Term Recovery

Our residence is just a stop on your journey. The name serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent when struggling with substance use disorder. However, we believe that recovery is a lifelong process. We aren’t just removing certain substances, we are reigniting passions, rebuilding identities, and growing.

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Rebuilding Relationships

The people closest to us are also deeply affected by substance use. Their suffering doesn’t end when our road to recovery begins. During the recovery journey, we prioritize making our families whole again, because recovery doesn’t affect just one person.

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Trust in Vulnerability

Regaining trust—from our families and in ourselves—is one of the biggest challenges on the road to recovery. To build trust, we must have honesty. And to have honesty, we have to be vulnerable. We want to instill the same trustworthiness in our residents that we strive for as an organization.

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Active Accountability

While a resident at In The Meantime, we work, volunteer, and study so we can become contributing members of society, but also rebuild pride and sense of identity. Residents are accountable for their growth, just as we are accountable to the donors who support our organization.

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Become a Volunteer

Help rewrite their stories

Our goal is to give women a safe-substance free environment that helps them break free from the cycle that contributed to their substance use in the first place. But to turn our house into a community, we need volunteers like you to make a true impact.

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The visionaries who help rewrite stories

Our Founding Members

In The Meantime founder, Tiffany Knight, wearing a yellow shirt

Tiffany Knight

In 2002, I faced addiction head-on, eventually finding myself homeless and without options. After a week in detox, I left with only the clothes I wore, a bus pass, and one call to make. That call led me to a Goodwill shelter with a single mat on the floor, which I begged them to save for me. That humble start marked the beginning of my journey, fueled by determination and a glimmer of hope. Today, reflecting on how far I've come, from that mat on the floor to where I am now, inspires my ongoing commitment to sobriety and my passion for helping others, a journey encapsulated in the reality of "In the Meantime," a dream turned into reality.

Tracy Thornton, co-chair, in a blue shirt and glasses standing in front of a colorful background

Tracy Thornton

Tracy Thornton, an experienced professional in business and project management across consulting, technology, and finance, excels in strategic planning, process enhancement, and organizational efficiency, with expertise in Metrics Tracking, Reporting & Analysis, and Communication Planning & Execution. At Bank of America, Tracy played pivotal roles in Project Management and PMO Management during the merger with Merrill Lynch. As Co-Chair of ITM's Board, Tracy prioritizes community representation, strategic planning, and project execution for timely goal achievement.

Howard Murray, Treasurer, a close up of a man in a suit and glasses

Howard Murray

Howard, a retired Finance & Accounting Executive with over 30 years in Fortune 500 companies, now consults with startups on business plans. He serves as Treasurer for In The Meantime and President of his Homeowner’s Association in Charlotte, North Carolina. A Media, Pennsylvania native and Northeastern University graduate, Howard enjoys international travel with his wife, Sharnel, and finds fulfillment in his professional and community roles.

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